Commodity Trading

We have several years of experience within the industry and have built analytical tools for numerous elements of the business.

From Exotic / Non-Linear Paper instruments through to Liquids, Energy & Hards our products have proven their value and aided efficiency & insight.

With such a vast array of data that comes naturally with the sector we put an emphasis on bringing forward and highlighting the opportunities in your data. Whether its recognising the benefits of pricing delta's in a given territory or the opportunities afforded by your capability to move inventory we can help.


Asset Management

We possess template tools to analyse your portfolio. With feeds from industry data-providers already established we have the ability to rapidly create a comprehensive solution.

We are aware of the different requirements between Fund & Asset managers and have built our dashboards & analytics accordingly


Healthcare / Legal / Insurance / Investment Management

Data is universal and the lessons learnt from one industry are commutative to another. We try to cross-pollinate ideas wherever possible, recognising how the efficiencies in one sector can aid those challenges in another.

Accordingly our experience has taken us into many different organisations and afforded us with the ability to produce many different solutions.